Everyday I get up and hope this will be a good day. I start every workday with the same exact routine and leave the house at the same exact time. Creature of habit, I am. There is a certain security in those monotonous routines though.

Be that as it may, that is not the recipe for a good day. That is a recipe for a forgettable day where you live life to the dullest.

So what is a good day? It would have to be something that would stand out and break us out of our normal dull routines. We are all pessimists by default so it would have to be an external stimulus to get us to look up. Apart from winning the lottery, the only thing I can think of is a positive input from another human being. That means another pessimistic human being would have to gather enough energy to break out of their rut and disrupt me from mine. That sounds like a selfless act that may or may not be received well. Very risky practice indeed. However, when this selfless act is successful, there is a ripple effect that

could theoretically go on forever and touch every person on the planet.

This selfless act could he as simple as a kind word to a perfect stranger or a loving touch to your spouse.

Having a good day really depends on you and how you decide to treat others so be a ripple source, smile often, and express gratitude.


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